Zebegény – a hidden gem in the Danube Bend


- a hidden gem in the Danube Bend -

Bettina Dosa-Pap / October 19, 2020

Many years ago with a good friend of mine we decided to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the capital for couple of days to a calm village once a year, near the nature, always going somewhere else.

This is how we arrived for the first time to Zebegény, a little village of the Danube Bend, the gate of the Börzsöny mountain. This tiny, miraculous place amazed us so much, that in the end we returned every year here, to the same village.

Zebegeny sign
Zebegeny sign

Sights of Zebegény

The ambiance of the town itself is catching already. We start our day every time in a tiny but nice park in Zebegény, where we fill our bottles for the daily tour with fresh, pure spring water coming from the Börzsöny Mountains. After this we cannot miss climbing to the lookout tower right above the town and eating some snacks while enjoying the beautiful panorama.

Spring water
Zebegeny Church
Lookout Tower
Snack with panorama

Beautiful trails

Based on our experiences, after a while all tracking paths are leading home, so the first time we begun our trip without any preparation but with a lot of courage, without paying any attention to the direction, just being amazed by the trails that were getting more and more beautiful:

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Challenges of hiking

Soon it was getting dark and it seemed that we were only moving away from the town of Zebegény instead of returning… We realised that it was time to get familiar with the signs on the trees. For a while, probably we were just going around…. But then…

After a long time, we bumped into this promising sign in front of our feet

Zebegény indication
And yes, Z, as Zebegény! After a half-hour we got back to our accomodation.
Map of the area
Since then no trip can begin without this extra equipment

Surprises of the nature

However, sometimes it is worth getting lost. The nature is hiding a lot of beautiful things – do we see them?

The one who searches, will easily find possibilities to amuse him/herself or to do sport.

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The area of Törökmező (Turkish camp)

One of our favourite programs after a long walk is to have lunch at a restaurant in the middle of the forest, in the Törökmező Restaurant. One of popular local dishes is the dumplings with sheep’s cottage cheese.

Next to the restaurant, there is also an adventure park and a mini zoo, where we like to spend our time.

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Meditative ambiance

After lunch and the long trip, we cannot miss a bit of a rest - who would not want to meditate in places like this?

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The Views

But we are right in the Danube Bend… What would be the most beautiful thing, if not the panorama itself?

Danube Bend view


So…when do we depart? 😉

My 5 favourite things in Zebegény

  • fabulous nature with countless trails
  • extraordinary panorama from everywhere
  • meditative character – perfect venue to retreat
  • delicious, pure spring water
  • restaurant in the middle of the forest

How to get there

From Budapest, you can easily reach  Zebegény  by car and by train

  • 1 hour (highway fees apply): take road no. 12 and then the highway M2 (68 km)
  • 1 h 20 min: take road no. 12 and then road no. 2 (61 km)
  • 1 hour: from Nyugati railway station take the train Z70 in the direction of Szob

Zebegény on Wikipedia: http://www.zebegeny.hu/en/

Official website of Zebegény (in Hungarian): http://www.zebegeny.hu/en/


If you would like the know more about the possibilities that Zebegény offers, just drop us an email!

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