Szechenyi Spa

Szechenyi Spa

Tomi Csordas / January 12, 2021

Szechenyi Bath OpenAirPool
Szechenyi Bath OpenAirPool

History & Water of the Szechenyi Spa

Finding the hot & healing water

The highly talented and determined mining engineer, Vilmos Zsigmondy, was convinced that he would find hot & healing thermal water in the City Park (Városliget). He started drilling in 1868, but the drilling encountered many difficulties and most of his peers were very skecptival of its success, advising him to give up. It often seemed that the project would fail.

Then, after 10 years of his persistent efforts, he found water 970 meter (3182 foot) deep, a huge engeneering feat and a record at that time. The water was 74,5 ⁰C (166 ⁰F), one of the hotest ever discovered, and due to the gases contained in the water it bubbled as if it would boil.

The construction

The Szechenyi Spa has two wings, the construction of the 1st wing was started in 1909 and the spa was opened on 13th of June 1913 with 15 indoor pools.

The building is a Palace dedicated to the Water. The decoration is rich in elements connected to water: stylezied fishes, shells, water monsters and water mermaids. The beautiful frescos, mosaics and statutes all pay homage to the water and its enormous energy.

The style is a mix of several different styles, but classicism and renaissance are maybe the two most dominant ones. One feels elegance and lightness everywhere.

After its opening, the spa quickly became very popular and the extension of the spa was decided. The new wing was opened in August 1927, and this added 3 outdoor pools, cabins, terraces and sun lounge areas to the complex. One of the outdoor pools was the the first swimming pool on the Pest side of the town.

The Szechenyi spa suffered only minor damages in the 2nd World War and enjoyed continued popularity afterwards. A reconstructions took place between 1998 and 2006, all pools, most cabins, sanitary facilities were renewed.

More renovation was done in 2019 when a luxury corridor was opened with private rooms for dressing and relaxing.

The Mosaics of the Entrance

Have a look at these mosaics found in the cupola of the entrance hall. They depict bathing scenes from the Egyptian, Roman and Greek bathing cultures.

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Water of the Spa

The water of the bath is calcium-magnesium bicarbonate, sulphate thermal water, which also contains sodium and has a significant content of fluoride and metaboric acid.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is special place for taking a drink from the spring which provides the water of the spa. Such a drinking fountain is usually in or at each spa in Hungary.

For Szechenyi this drinking fountain is located next to the Bath in a nice, modern building.

Szechenyi Bath Drinking Fountain Exterior
Szechenyi Bath Drinking Fountain Exterior

Pools & Treatments

Indoor and Outdoor Pools

At the time of its opening, the spa was divided into private baths, public baths and steam baths sections and each section had separate pools for men and women, but today, the Széchenyi Baths is coeducated.

It has three outdoor pools that are also open in the winter, two pools have 38 C water and a large swimming pool has 26 C water.

There are  11 hot water pools inside, each pool is in a sperate hall with different architecture and decoration. The hot water in the pools has varying tempreature between 35 - 38 C, one pool is designated for under water gymnastics (included in the entry fee and performed every half an hour) with waters of 31 C.


There are 10 saunas at the disposal of the visitors: 1 infrared cabin, 4 steam cabins, 3 hot air chambers, 1 aroma cabin, 1 light therapy sauna.


Szechenyi Bath Indoor Pool
Szechenyi Bath Indoor Pool

Tips & Etiquette

We recommend to take a towel with you to the bath or buy one in the lobby of the Spa. You can rent a towel from the Spa, but then you have to pay the rental fee, plus a deposit and sometimes there is a queue where you can get back your deposit.

Also, it is comfortable to have slippers, but if you forget you can buy one in the lobby of the Spa.

The entry ticket to the Spa is actually a kind of "wrist watch" and with this "watch" you can enter the Spa and open and close your locker or cabin.

Our suggestion is to buy a cabin ticket at the cashier because it is only a bit more expensive than the standard ticket, which includes a locker. With a cabin ticket you can use a cabin exclusively, you can change there and you can leave your cloth and bag there.

In terms of dress code, any type of beach wear is good. Caps only have to be worn in the large outdoor pool which is for swimming, otherwise caps are not mandatory.

When using the hot pools, please, take care not to stay too long in the pool and take relax breaks between two pool stays. This is a health guidance, as staying in the hot water for a longer time might burden your heart.

There are many relaxing areas and a two special lounge areas for an additional fee. There is also a self service a food outlet withing the Spa.

The average visit is ca. 2 hours long, including tickets and changing.

Private Spa - Relaxing in Luxury

Széchenyi's Private Spa presents fine selection of services, luxorious surroundings, tranquillity and a privacy of your own soothe your body and calm your mind. Guests can have acces to a priority check in, Private Spa Host service, complimentary in-suite set up.

Szechenyi Bath Private Spa Corridor
Szechenyi Bath Private Spa Corridor
Szechenyi Bath Privat Spa Suite
Szechenyi Bath Privat Spa Suite

The Hungarian Way of Relaxing

Training the mind while healing the body...


It's SPArty time!

Almost every Saturday of the year SPArties are held at Széchenyi Bath, from 10.30 pm to 3 am, where guests can enjoy thermal water, visual effects and electronic dance music within the more than 100-year-old walls.

MTV EMA 2020 Music Awards at Széchenyi Bath

Key Facts of the Széchenyi Bath

  • Opened: 1913
  • Style: Mainly neo-renaissance
  • Number of pools: 14
  • Saunas, Steam Rooms
  • Massage and other treatments
  • Temperature of the pools: 26-40 degree Celsius
  • Luxorious private spa

Opening hours and Ticket information

Open every day: From 6 am – 10 pm

Temporary closed because the pandemic.


We recommend to use a cabin, in this way everyone or a couple has their own private cabin during their stay at the bath.

To get a cabin, ask for a cabin ticket at the cashier. The cabin ticket price is: locker ticket + cabin ticket.

Daily ticket with locker usage:  Weekdays: 3.500 HUF = ca. 10 EUR/person

Weekends and holidays: 3.900 HUF = ca. 11 EUR/person

Surcharge of cabin ticket: 1 000 HUF = ca. 3 EUR/ person

For the prices of the different treatments click here



Easy to reach by underground M1 from the city center. Alight at Szechenyi Fürdő station which is right next to the Spa.


H-1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11.
Phone: +36 20 435 0051
Website of Széchneyi Bath: 


If you would like the know more about Szechenyi Thermal Bath just drop us an email!