Covid in Hungary Today

Status / May 17, 2021

The number of vaccinated people reaches 4.4 million, the terraces and gardens of restaurants & cafés are open.

A wide range of services are open to those with a vaccination pass.

Stores' opening hours are back to normal, but only 1 customer per 10 square meter is permitted.

The main measures are:

  • the terraces of restaurants, cafés and bars are open to everyone
  • hotels can still only accommodate business guests, no tourists
  • theaters, gyms and fitness rooms, baths are open to people with a vaccination pass
  • spectators are permitted to sports matches
  • there is a curfew between 12 pm and 5 am
  • hairdressers, cosmetics and other providers are open to everyone
  • kindergartens and schools are back to normal operations
  • a general ban on events is still in effect
  • up to 10 people can take part in family gatherings and private events
  • weddings can be held, but only next of kin can attend

Latest Covid Case Numbers in Hungary

On May 17th

New Cases426
Total Active Cases138 384
New Tests10 365
New Deaths38
Vaccinated 1x4 639 299

Timeline Daily New Covid Cases in Hungary

Entry Rules to Hungary

At the border all passengers will go through passport control and coronavirus check. Visitors are asked about the purpose of their visit and for any necessary papers relevant to their reason for entering. Entry rules due to the coronavirus pandemic include temperature measurement at the border crossings.

Anyone who presents two negative PCR tests that were carried out within five days with a time difference of at least 48 hours can enter without the need to quarantine.

Entry to Hungary is permitted without quarantine and without mandatory testing for:

  • Business trips, certain papers are required to prove this
  • Holders of diplomatic or service passports
  • Cross-border commuters in a zone up to 30 km from the border for a maximum of 24 hours
  • Freight transport
  • People who can credibly prove that they have already contracted the coronavirus within 6 months.

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