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The exterior of Vigado at night
The exterior of Vigado at night

History of Vigadó

The First Concert Hall

During the 1820s the population of the Pest side of current Budapest increased significantly with university students and government employees moving in together with their institutions.

There was a lack of space where the city residents could elegantly spend time with going to concerts and celebrating balls.

Therefore the city government decided to build a concert hall which can be used for balls, too.

This is how the building was created which stood at the place of today's Vigado. Because this original concert hall was badly damaged in the 1848 revolution against the Austrian Habsburg.

The Second Concert Hall: today's building

The life of the second concert hall started in 1860 with begin of the construction. The new concert hall, called Vigado, was finished in 1865.

The romantic style building with oriental elements quickly became popular in Budapest. Many important composers appeared in Vigado, for example Liszt, Wagner, Debussy, Dvorak and many others. Vigado was truly an important music location in Europe.

Besides concerts, many important events of the society of Budapest were held here, for example balls with the Queen and King present, the first session of the chamber of representatives of the united Budapest.

Vigadó Today

Today, Vigadó appears in new splendour after 15 years of renovation. The extensive works restored all the building, the paintings, the windows, the chandeliers to its original beauty.

The largest hall is called Ceremonial Hall, here are most of the concerts and performances. There is also one other hall with a tribune, two exhibition halls, a panorama corridor and a terrace with great views.

It is again an important culture center with many concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions.

There are also guided tours in Vigadó in several langugages, you will find the time schedule and prices here: Tour dates.


Vigadó as an Event Venue

Vigadó is located in the heart of the city center of Budapest and it is one of the largest concert halls in the city. No wonder that it became a popular site for all kind of private events, besides being a culture center.

You can rent Vigadó for your events. Usually the Ceremonial hall is used for the get-togethers. Besides the Ceremonial hall, you can use the ... hall for conferences. There is also a restaurant within the building, which is accessible from the street.

Accessing Vigadó is easy as cars and coaches can stop in front of the building for guest drop-off of pick-up. The building is fully wheelchair friendly.

The Ceremonial Hall

It is the largest hall on the first floor of Vigadó and it is elaborately decorated, with large doors to three neighbouring halls and it has a gallery with seating opportunity.

The Ceremonial Hall fits 450 at round tables of 10 and it fits ... in theatre style, both including a stage.

There is plenty of high quality, built-in AV technology we can use during the events and more can be added.

Decorations are permitted, for example company logos can be shown, for example on a hanging banner.

You can use the connected Panoramic corridor, South- and North halls for example for welcome drink, coffee breaks, lunch or just as a place for catering background.

Vigadó Key Facts

Bus drop-off:
AV technology:
Ceremonial Hall fits 430 at round tables of 10 with a small stage
City center, walking distance from many 5-star hotels, eg. the hotel Matild Palace
In front of the entrance
Possible with any catering company
2 elevators available
Possible with 80 decibel limit and no DJ allowed, only life musicians
Provided by their in-house staff and equipment

Click here for the official Website

Opening hours and Ticket information

Opening hours: Open every day, with some exceptions, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Check out the latest information on opening hours on Vigado's official website here.

Prices: Check out the current ticket prices on Vigadó's official website here.


How to Get to Vigadó

Public Transport

  • Alight the M2 or M3 metro line at Deak Ferenc ter station and walk to Vigado ca. 5 minutes.
  • Alight the M1 metro line at the Vörösmarty ter station and walk 2 minutes.

Tram: Alight the No 2 tram at Vigadó station and it Vigadó is just opposite the station

Bus: Alight the No 16 bus at the Deak Ferenc ter station and walk 5 minutes.

There are public parking places in front of the building

There is parking garage just behind Vigadó accessible through Apáczai Csere János street - then Deák Ferenc street.

There is another parking garage, only 2 minutes walk, accessible from Türr István street.


1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 2.
Phone: +36-1-328-3325


If you would like the know more about Vigadó as an event venue or if you have a general question to Vigadó, just drop us an email!