Hungary is Opening

Hungary is Opening

Orsolya Hetzmann & Eszter Toth / Maggio 20, 2020

Kiosk Budapest

The Countryside Went Ahead

Life restarted outside of Budapest already at the beginning of May, it was great to see terraces being "crowded" according to social distancing rules.

The latest measures for the countryside took affect on May 18 and people went to enjoy sunshine and outdoor programs, strolling in the downtowns and parks. Finally they could go shopping, visit outdoor attractions, parks, outdoor baths, sports grounds, zoo and playgrounds. Restaurants and cafés can now accept guests indoors and outdoors as well.

The famous Thermal Bath of Hévíz also welcomed many guests over the last weekend.

Most hotels in the countryside reopen by mid-May, in time for the Pentecost weekend.

People seemingly cherish getting out there and enjoying life.

Budapest Followed

Budapest partly reopened on May 18th, as well:

Guests may visit the terraces of restaurants and cafés with a certain distance among tables and service inside is not permitted.

People may visit public areas, markets, open-air museums, outdoor baths, playgrounds and the zoo again. They are welcome to travel around Hungary freely.

Great news for bikers: the biking path development continues rapidly in the capital city.

The Borders

The Border between Austria and Hungary will fully re-open on June 15th, the latest. As Austria, Germany and Switzerland are also opening their borders on June 15th, a large part of Central Europe is almost back to normal, in this regard.

There are negotiations about the borders between Austira, Checzia, Slovakia and Hungary to be opened on June 15th as well.

The border with Croatia is open and Hungary and Slovenia are in talks about border re-opening.

Hungarians can travel to Italy as well from June 3rd.

Current Hungarian Rules About Covid-19

  • On the countryside, restaurants & cafés are fully open inside and on the terraces
  • In Budapest, the terraces of restaurants and cafés are open
  • Most hotels are open on the countryside and many hotels are open in Budapest, as well
  • All shops are open in Hungary
  • Masks are mandatory in shops and on the public transport
  • A distance of 1,5 meters should be kept
  • Frequent hand washing and avoiding hand shakes are recommended


Hungary has succeeded to keep the spread of infection low and all the indicators are decreasing every day.

We are getting back to business, however we have to return to our life as before step by step. Still as a relatively safe country, we could be shortly a preferred destination again.

Stay safe and take care.