Visegrád and all the things that make in unforgettable


A personal guide from our colleagues about the hidden treasures of Hungary

Evelin Schmidt / Settembre 21, 2020


 and all the things that make it unforgettable

Visegrad in the Danube Bend is the place where I go if I need an "escape" from the world.
The unforgettable views of the curving river, the Medieval atmosphere of this tiny, but buzzing village, and the nature make this place truly unique for me.
Visegrad castle

I have travelled here many times as a kid with my parents, and after years of reminiscing about it, I discovered it again as an adult.

Here you can find everything: water, forests, mountains and the wide blue sky above you – nature surrounds and incorporates the village in the most marvellous way.

Visegrad stocks


... the views are just amazing

Be it on the hilltop in the castle, at the foot of the lonely Solomon-tower, or just walking along the Danube shore, you can't help but marvel at the panorama in front of you.

Visegrad selfie
Visegrad view from the castle

... it is like living history

Knight tournaments, fanfares and falconers might be a rare sight elsewhere, but not in Visegrád: here wherever you go, you are surrounded by the Medieval atmosphere just as if it  was an absolutely normal and everyday thing.

Visegrad knight tournament falcon
Visegrad knight tournament knights can feel like a royalty here

Whether you are having lunch in the Medieval-themed Renaissance restaurant, or participating in the unique knight tournaments, or just wandering around in one of the buildings left to us from the Middle Ages, you can be sure that you will feel and also be treated as a royalty.

Visegrad royalties
Visegrad royal feast dinner

"The traditions keep this village alive and give it a vibe that is hard to find elsewhere."

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Map of Visegrád