Working from Home

Working from Home

Tamas Csordas / Marzo 16, 2020

work from home

Here to Serve You

All our colleagues are working their usual hours, and everyone is working from home.

We are at your disposal, as usual, for any questions, inquieries or just to have a chat.

You can reach us under our mobile phones and through our regular e-mails.

Please, see the contact details of everyone from Dynamic Tours DMC Budapest below.


On our website you can read about the current status of Covid-19 in Hungary.

Click here for more information.

Staff of Dynamic Tours DMC Budapest

Mobile phone numbers of our colleagues

Aliz Czuczor+36 20 912 7202
Tamas Csordas+36 30 383 3033
Andrea Csordas+36 30 962 426
Bettina Dosa-Pap+36 30 162 1654
Monika Foldes+36 20 267 3055
Orsolya Hetzmann+36 20 383 1848
Evelin Schmidt+36 20 297 7510
Eszter Toth+36 30 561 7525
Pamela Varga+36 30 859 9177